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I'm eighteen and I live in the USA. I used to only blog about weight loss, but it is no the central focus of my life. I still want to lose some weight and I will keep this blog active. But basically my whole personal life can be found here, not just my food diaries and thinspo pictures. This blog is more for me than you, but you are welcome to observe. I do not encourage disordered eating habits or unhealthy living. I won't answer requests for advice or tips. ♥

1. Do you have an eating disorder?
I have not been formally diagnosed with any type of eating disorder.

2. How old are you?

3. How tall are you?

4. Why do you want to lose weight?
Being thin makes me happy. I feel best about myself and my body when I look slim. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment.

5. Is your goal weight really 80 pounds? That is too low.
Yes, my ideal weight is 80 pounds. I have been below that, even. But I am happiest at 80. I know it is low, but I am petite anyway and I look just fine when I am that weight.

6. Do you ever fast / purge / etc.?

Yes. Not on a consistent basis, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't fasted, puked my brains out, taken laxative pills, or exercised until I nearly fainted. This is not my daily routine, of course and I favor fasting over anything else.

7. How do you lose a pound a day?
By being disgustingly unhealthy. Basically, for however many pounds I want to lose, I do not eat for that amount days and exercise on top of the fasting. So if I wanted to lose five pounds, I would not eat for five days and do cardio each one of those days. This is very dangerous, so please don't try it.

8. Do you drink/smoke/do drugs?
I do not smoke. I drink occasionally, but nothing too extreme. I used to pop pills almost daily, but I have now been clean for months. I hope it will stay this way.

9. What do you usually eat / drink?
I love meat and I love sweets. But when I'm being serious about weight loss, I go for the typical diet-y foods: shrimp, salads, fruits, veggies, etc. All in small portions, which I feel is the key to training your stomach into eating less.

For drinks, I practically live off Perrier. But regular water is good too. I do not like dark sodas, so other than water I really only drink Sprite and lemonade.

10. What happened to Emmy?
She deleted her Tumblr. She is fine, she just wants to get better and Tumblr wasn't helping with that. 

11. What happened to your dad?
He died of cancer in April. We were very close and I am still devastated about it.

12. What surgery did you have?
Breast implants. 

13. Can I add you on Facebook?
I am sorry, but I want to keep tumblr separate from facebook. If we really get to know each other, then maybe. I have actually exchanged phone numbers with a couple of girls here, but only because we talked a lot and I grew to trust them.

14. How do I create a progress blog?
On your dashboard, look to the top navigation. Next to your current blog title, there is a "My Blogs" tab; it looks like a little bulletin list. Click on it and under your current blog titles, select "Create a new blog." From there, type in the title, URL, and then you have the option to make it password protected. After you hit save, you can control that blog by selecting the My Blogs tab and clicking on your progress blog title. Then it's just like any other Tumblr from that point on.

15. How do I enable my ask box?
On the righthand side of your dashboard, click the "customize" link. On the top navigation, click on "community" and then check the box that says "Let people ask questions". Hit save and then you're done! 

Please note that if you send me anonymous negative messages, I will most likely just delete it. Read my disclaimer first. If you're unanonymous I'll probably just reply in your ask box because things like that should be between two people. Not you, me, and all of my followers.

If you would like to see my progress blog, leave me an ask.  Make sure your ask box is enabled and do NOT publish or share the information I send you.

Please include your name, age, and where you live; if in the United States, I'd appreciate knowing what state you're in. I promise not to share this info, I just need to ensure I don't know you. Any additional info you are willing to share is also very appreciated! ♥

I prefer to share my progress blog with other weight loss blogs and to girls who are at least sixteen years old. I will occasionally make exceptions to the weight loss blog thing; I understand that sometimes weight loss is more secretive and you don't want your followers/friends to know and creating a whole separate tumblr is too much work, etc. Just let me know if that is the case.

If you are under sixteen, you can still ask for my progress blog but please understand that you probably will not receive it. It is nothing personal, I just hate to further encourage this sort of thing in such a young crowd. Thank you!

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